”Your library? Shut down.”

Released 19.04.19…

'This is fun, clever and puts libraries centre stage among all the
precious things that are being destroyed to serve greed and austerity.
We love it.'

The Library Campaign

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SHOP is a clarion call to resist those who close libraries and open chain-stores. 

Available now on  iTunes, Amazon & Spotify

"As someone who’s lived by the sea their entire life, I’m more than a touch familiar with the keening scream of the rats from the sky, also known as gulls. Safe to say, Brighton’s self-described “punk-rock-poem-pop” trio Gulls are a lot more palatable, and considerably more welcome. Flaws joins the wave of feminist, anti-establishment punk having a resurgence in the wake of the #MeToo and third wave feminism movements, and makes its own considerable mark. Punk poet Rhi Kavok’s unfettered war cry perfectly slips between a mocking yelp and a commanding punk vocal which drives the points home, while Boe H on guitar and Hicks on drums succeed in creating some Yeah Yeah Yeahs level instrumentals. Packs a punch this one."

Sarah Gosling - Fresh On The Net

Available now on  iTunes, Amazon & Spotify

 Available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify

"Bad Publicity from Brighton trio Gulls combines raw rock of the Runaways with the riot grrrl rapping of punk poet Rhi Kavok to create a visceral rocker so powerful it could shake Brighton Pier to its foundations."

The Devil Had The Best Tuna